• Frame: Composite
  • Lenses: plain clear plastic


Spring Hinge:

  • Comfortable to wear and skin fridendly.
  • Avoid clipping face and hair, fits different face shapes.

Retro style:

  • Fit for a costume.
  • Durable, strong and comfortable to wear.
  • People could wear it over long period of time, without any pressure on nose.

Plain clear lenses:

  • No degrees.
  • You can change into your own optical glasses lenses


      • Frame Width:134 mm
      • Lens Width:53 mm
      • Lens Height:40 mm
      • Nose Width:15 mm

      Tips For Cleaning:

      • Use a gentle lens solution. To avoid scratches.
      • Never wipe the lens when they're dry (there may be dust or particles).
      • Use Soft materials such as cleaning cloths, Don't use paper towels or other rough materials.