• Frame: composite plastic
  • Lenses: 1*polarized, 3*normal sunglasses lenses, 1*night driving lens


        Optical Frame with Magnetic Lenses:

        • Soft light composite skin-friendly frame.
        • Easy take on and take off.
        • Buy one = 1 * optical glasses frame + 1 * polarized lenses + 3 * mirror lenses + 1 * night driving lens

            Polarized lenses:

            • Block harmful UVA/UVB rays.
            • Give you a clear natural sight.
            • Restore true color and make your eyes more comfy.
            • Block glare reflected off of roads, water, snow, and other horizontal surfaces.

                PACKAGE CONTAIN:

                • 1 x Polarized Gray lenses
                  1 x Night vision lenses
                  1 x Mirrored blue lenses
                  1 x Mirrored silver lenses
                  1 x Brown lenses
                  1 x Optical frame
                  1 x Cleaning cloth
                  1 x Carrying case

                  Tips For Cleaning:

                  • Use a gentle lens solution. To avoid scratches.
                  • Never wipe the lens when they're dry (there may be dust or particles).
                  • Use Soft materials such as cleaning cloths, Don't use paper towels or other rough materials.